Hybrid Cloud Environments & SDS

My opposite number in North America Gordon Haff has put this great video together that is well worth a watch.

Software defined storage is on the up. Red Hat as an enabler of technology change is investing code, time and resources to help customers focus and realise their ambitions in every aspect of cloud architecture.

Do take a few minutes out your day to watch and if you’d like more information please get in touch or contact your regional Red Hat office.

Linuxcon Europe Show 1


Recording the first in a series of podcasts this week in Edinburgh as part of Linuxcon Europe / CloudOpen. Todays show has interviews with Dave Neary of Red Hat’s OSAS team talking oVirt, open hybrid cloud, OSS goodness and then Gordon Haff my opposite number from Red Hat USA talking Cloud Security my favourite subject.

Come back later today for more great content as I speak to the movers and shakers here at Linuxcon Europe / CloudOpen.

 Download the podcast in MP3 format here – or alternatively browse the RSS

Gordon Haff’s new Cloud book – Computing Next

Sat on my desk in front of me delivered earlier this week from Amazon’s online ordering (and printing platform) is Gordon Haff’s new book Computing Next which was published last week globally.

Gordon is my opposite number in the US at Red Hat and we recently spent time together in London and in Belgium and I always enjoy his company both as a friend and as a technologist with a grasp of the drivers of modern computing consumption. A talented writer, podcaster and analyst he has delivered a thought provoking publication that should be on the radar of every manager involved with the acquisition or provisioning of virtualisation and cloud. Especially where that involves any degree of outsourcing. It features a lot of context editorial designed to start conversations and cleverly dovetails in thought provoking interviews with industry leaders and those involved in Cloud Computing (theres a three page reproduced interview with me in there as well).

Gordon has put together a video piece talking about the book which you can see, also I like the fact that Gordon categorically proves here that Steve Jobs isn’t the only techical guru who can carry off a polo neck.

I have personally bought a number of these out my own pocket and will be giving one away in an upcoming podcast in a competition so watch out for that.

Available now in print format from Amazon.com and Amazon regionally, as well as in eBook format for Kindle it’s well worth reading and compared to a lot of the other cloud books I’ve purchased and read cover to cover it actually delivers to the layman.

Podcast: Gordon Haff and I talk technology

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down and record a podcast with Gordon Haff. Gordon is my opposite number at Red Hat in North America as well as being a friend and mentor. Yet another MIT graduate he has an amazing reputation across the technosphere for having a grasp of whats going on, and also how analysts, journalists and decision makers balance their need for technology with emerging trends.

So we’ve made a decision that we’re going to record a technical chat every few weeks, you guys could even throw topics at us if you want to – that would be even better.

This week we talk Moores Law in Cloud, don’t expect us to agree on everything – thats the healthy nature of Open Source, we talk Android vs iPad in BYOD markets and governance models for Cloud as well as the elastic links holding everything together in this new fangled Cloudy universe.

Here’s the other cool stuff, again this was recorded as if we were sat in the same room, but the reality is we’re 5,000 miles apart and hopefully the quality of the mix shows that with the power of Google Hangouts, good microphones and Audacity you can work miracles.

  Download this podcast here in MP3 format or OGG format

Gordon sets the Cloud stall out

I was about to write an article after an afternoon of hellish travel stuck on stationary trains in the back end of beyond. However the article I was about to start writing Gordon Haff my opposite number in North America just wrote one and it’s a doozie. I feel somewhat in his shadow today, I re-posted the wording he released for the OpenStack Preview launch as it did the job perfectly so this is twice in one day I’m pasting his web goodness. Mr Haff I apologise but given you are the master and I am the apprentice I think you can cut me some slack today.

Here’s an excerpt from the article, click the link below to go to the full article on his blog (which you should also bookmark or follow the link in my links section).

“As part of Red Hat’s announcement of an OpenStack technology preview today, I wrote a blog that provides some additional background. Here, I’m going to delve a bit more deeply into one of the topics that I cover in that blog–namely, how do the different pieces of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio fit together? I’ll be referring to the below diagram throughout this discussion.”

Follow the link to his article here

Matt Hicks talks Multitenancy in PaaS

Gordon Haff my opposite number at Red Hat USA has a great article up recorded with our very own Matt Hicks on multi tenancy architecture in PaaS. I’ve had a video of Matt up here before he’s one of the founders of OpenShift and a world authority on PaaS. Listen to an introduction on LXC and hear how segmentation and security controls based on SELinux make securing your boundaries and architectures in PaaS clarified but securely segregated.

Go read the article here on Gordon’s blog and grab the MP3 and OGG streams depending on your weapon of choice.

Reminder: If you haven’t seen already Gordon’s blog is hyperlinked in my Links library on the right hand side of the screen and if you aren’t already bookmarking it you should be.