Podcast: RHEV and NoSQL re-mastered

So this has been the “quiet” week post Christmas / New Year where the tech world mostly downs tools and scatters to the ends of the earth to celebrate and spend time with friends and family. Makes podcasting a tad tricky as you can’t get hold of anyone to record with but that doesn’t put us off – oh no we had a backup plan.

This is where fortune actually coincided with the fact I’ve been really ill since just before New Year and have only just found voice to record the intro and master this recording for release so as backup plans go this was on the money.

So this weeks podcast is a re-release (and re-master) of two of the most popular podasts I recorded in 2012 with our very own RHEV God Rhys Oxenham and former Red Hatter Tim Marston talking NoSQL and 10gen. Both got a lot of downloads (about 9000 between them on the old static downloads section).

So why go back to the well and re-release ?

Since I re-launched the podcasts on LibSyn and syndicated on iTunes, Stitcher and Podfeed over 80%+ of listeners are new entirely to the podcast channel. Not existing listeners and there is a complete lack of click throughs to the older content which surprised me as I really expected it to be picked up and listened to. So it seems a real shame to not have this great older content from the autumn re-released after a clean up and re-master for a new generation of listeners. Content is still current – still authoritative so for those of you who’ve heard it remember that the podcast audience now is global and more people are finding my content from directories and RSS feeds than from this blog now. So if I’m selling out – apologies – it’s called evangelising and getting thought leadership and it’s hard work.

Come back later in the week for new podcast content and some AMAZING guests over the next five weeks that will reinforce just why CloudEvangelist is now one of the fastest growing media downloads anywhere.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only

We’re live on iTunes and Stitcher

You will be pleased to hear that finally iTunes and Stitcher are carrying the CloudEvangelist podcasts to make it as easy as a simple click to subscribe to my content.

Stitcher features clients for a multitude of platforms so we are truly portable whatever your listening tool of choice is. I love Stitcher and have been using it on Android phones and iPod/iPad since it’s launch, we’re really pleased and proud they’ve asked us to feature there.

Podcast and iTunes news !!

For months now we’ve been planning on getting our act together and getting on iTunes. We ummed and ahh’d about it, would anyone other than the 30,000+ downloads we’ve had from 8300+ people who’ve downloaded directly bother to do it if it hit iTunes ? Would anyone want to listen. Well apparently the answer is yes so as of tonight I’ve been submitted to iTunes and am awaiting a nice email back telling me whether they’ll accept it. As loyal readers (and listeners) I’m making the first one available here and it is also available from the RSS feed (http://cloudevangelist.libsyn.com/rss).

So today’s download features James Labocki talking about Open Hybrid Cloud, Cloudforms and the upcoming tech optimisation webcast on the 5th December where he is one of the erstwhile presenters. Recorded remotely from Bath in the UK to the coastline of Florida over the interweb the quality is good. The music is good (thanks to Jon Amor, good pal and erstwhile muso god from Devizes whose new album is out right now !!!) for the entry and exit music is from his single “The Rules” which he has graciously allowed us to use for the podcast ! While you’re listening head down to James Labocki’s website – allthingsopen.com and read some of the stories on there, bookmark it while you’re there.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only

Podcast: Richard’s Round-Up

So I’m still on vacation until Monday next week but I had some spare time so I thought I’d record a new podcast with just me talking, no guests, no slidedecks but I am going to talk about a report from IDC and the Linux Foundation which you can read here (registration required but its childsplay). I applaud the work thats been done on the report but I question a lot of the quality of it’s findings and demographic research. Not remotely questioning the passion and drive to get the paper out, just a lot of the surrounding stuff thats so easily fixable next time. Not out to bash analysts – not remotely. Hear why on the podcast.

To read Amanda McPherson’s take on it and to balance my feelings read her article here.

Also some cool announcements of why this is the LAST podcast that will be released for download statically from CloudEvangelist. To hear why and what changes are coming you have to listen.

Events: I am speaking at a Dell Cloud event in London next week, and the following week at a Red Hat / IBM event in Zurich, Switzerland. I also will be out in Finland during late November early December, more updates when I have my diary locked down next week. I will be recording podcasts on the road so make sure you listen to todays to find out how to get the recordings from now on !

Remember these podcasts are the work of the author and all views and opinions are my own and not Red Hat’s !

Download the podcast here in MP3 and OGG formats

iTunes feed – coming soon

Today we’re working hard to get the iTunes feed sorted and new hosting arranged to handle the feed and bandwidth. Amazon and local hosting wasn’t sufficient to give us the data analysis I wanted to try and achieve. Given we’ve had nearly 11,500 downloads of what so far has been an “experiment” we’re hoping for good things. It also forces me to practice and hone a dark art that I had no idea how to do as recently as eight weeks ago.

So how it will work is that two recent new podcasts will be the first to feature on iTunes and then I will upload the BACK CATALOGUE of thirteen episodes in no particular order to ensure we use them up. Sorry for those that will have heard them but it’s to get this content to a wider audience who are not already aware of the meandering monotonous tone of a geek with a microphone out to change the world in baby steps.

So watch this space and as soon as I have a RSS feed to give you you’ll see it here first.