This is the personal blog of Richard Morrell, who by day works as a Cloud Evangelist and Cloud Security Architect at Red Hat and who is tasked with reaching out to Cloud users worldwide to lead discussions around all aspects of Cloud Computing.

He travels Europe and the globe to ask the questions that allow you to learn more about Cloud and virtualisation and both to demonstrate thought leadership and entertain and educate along the way. Although working with Red Hat only since 2010 he’s actually been working with them since they had about the same number of staff that could fit in a station wagon.

Who is Richard ?

Richard has spent more than the the last fifteen years working in Open Source. Starting out working with Linuxcare and VA Linux in San Francisco around the same time that Red Hat was incorporated.

Dick Morrell, Cloud Evangelist, Red Hat EMEA

He has worked worldwide on some of the largest Open Source projects and deployments and counts many of the movers and shakers of the Linux world as close trusted friends and family with all the respect and responsibility that that encompasses. He was the founder and co-author of SmoothWall the GPL firewall project with over 10m users. He was co-founder of the company of the same name that is still trading successfully over a decade post inception. One of the worlds only successful privately funded, non VC staked Open Source success stories that over a decade later is still profitable with good staff and a good story to tell globally. All from a vision and hard work started in a home office in August 2000 and an ethos to do something ethically and get to market proving Linux was there to be counted. Follow that with three years heading up security, mail anti abuse and platforms built around Linux at NTL/VirginMedia proving that Open Source could take a foothold in a 7m user £8bn network. Advising amongst others the UK Home Office and contributing to fraud prevention with eBay, Tucows, AOL, BT and Yahoo. Working alongside MAAWG and contributing to the first real anti spam initiatives on some of the worlds largest mail platforms.

One of the early founder staffers at Zimbra in 2006/7 pre the Yahoo acquisition and working with companies including BT, Comcast and others to push and promote Open Source.

A UK Government appointed certified CLAS consultant and advisor to the UK MoD on everything Linux and OpenSource on projects up to and including Battlespace deployed technologies harnessing Unix derivatives and hardened Linux. Advising MoD and working with the intelligence community to the highest levels across DII and combined ops to Four Eyes and above.

Richard on stage, photo courtesy of Phil Rudge

To meet Richard or to learn more visit the events page in the menu above and to communicate please use the contact page for more information. Richard lives in Wadworthshire in the UK with his wife and young family.

This blog is the work of the author and does not represent the views of Red Hat or it’s staff, directors and is the work and expressed terminology of the author.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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