OpenShift Enterprise is here !

Yesterday evening UK time we launched OpenShift Enterprise On-Premise PaaS to great applomb. I’ve been sworn to secrecy with the implied threat of being sat on if I’d talked about this or even hinted at it in the run up to launch so sorry this is the first time I can even mention it “in the open”.

OpenShift Enterprise IS A BIG DEAL. Let’s make no bones about it, OpenShift is one of the most talked about hot properties in Cloud and rightly so. Since we first launched on OpenShift on AWS it’s gone viral, demand has been off the scale. Demand then started to creep up regarding when we were going to make this available in an on-premise supported solution for Enterprises and Channel Providers to be able to consume.

Today we reached that milestone, a culmination of a lot of hard work from across Red Hat. The goal of being able to have a supportable carrier class enterprise ready on-premise PaaS platform extends and underwrites Red Hat’s value proposition in Cloud. It’s a major opportunity out the box for organisations that were or are putting off moving apps or extending their reach to public cloud to be able to do more in house with the flexibility and proven power of OpenShift. This immediately means more risk averse companies can build OpenShift into their governance models building within enshrined network boundaries.

So all the cool flexible power you were used to in OpenShift on AWS now extends to the enterprise. That means out of the box fast scaling cloud application platforms. Rocket fast application development pace, secure and scalable. And if you can administer a RHEL box you can deploy and support OpenShift. So immediately you have better productivity and an opportunity to further embrace Cloud at your own pace on your legacy on-premise hardware.

I also totally recommend reading Jimmy Guerrero’s great launch piece here which gives a technical overview of the building blocks of OpenShift Enterprise and talks about the cartridge based functionality of OpenShift.

You can read more on this great blog posting from Ashesh Badani, and also read the press reaction with these links below.


Red Hat Developer Day UK 1st November !!!

If you haven’t already registered get to the Red Hat Developer Day page and sign up fast to register for the Red Hat UK Developer Day to be held at London South Bank University on the 1st November.

It’s already promising to be one of the best developer days we’ve done outside of North America and we’re reaching out to all corners of the Open Source developer community to build on a lot of the strong work out there developing Linux, JBoss and OpenJRE technologies, OpenStack and Gluster.

Keynoting the event is Dr Mark Little who leads the JBoss engineering team, if you were in Boston and heard him speak at Summit there you’ll know already that he is both very good at grabbing the attention of a room but also inspiring communities and developers alike.

If you’re interested in Cloud, Big Data, JBoss, OpenShift, or using or developing technologies for use in enterprise Linux environments then register today for what promises to be a really cracking day.

More information on our registration page.

Podcast: John Mark Walker talks Gluster

John Mark and Richard
I’ve been really looking forward to recording this podcast. We couldn’t quite make time to do it when we were both at Summit recently but we’ve made up for it this week. With big data the latest hot topic, with GlusterFS making so much headway it was time I recorded this. Storage is the last major building block of Cloud so this became even more critical.

I’m pleased to be able to release this podcast recorded with John Mark Walker, who I work with at Red Hat (he heads up Community at Gluster) but who I’ve worked with for nearly thirteen years or more at previous roles in the Open Source world. We’re both war weary veterans who still get fired up by Linux and Open Source. John Mark is both a friend and a mentor as well as someone who has a “can do” attitude in the Linux community. He has a message and a drive and if you listen to this podcast it will become clear just why he is so passionate about what we do.

The thing that makes this podcast even more special is that we recorded this online five thousand miles apart. I’d played with doing this over audio conference, over Skype, VoIP and other methodologies and all sucked – unusable when I did my testing, certainly not broadcastable.

So thanks to Pulsecaster and Google Hangouts, and a quick mix on Audacity (no Mac here folks) you have a podcast to download that I hope sounds okay and that will both educate and entertain.

We also talk about the November 1st Developer Day in the UK and talk about the whole Open Source community ethos around what we do and what drives us. It’s well worth a listen and I encourage you to do so.

  Download this podcast here in MP3 format or OGG format

Red Hat Developer Day London 2012

We’re holding (and I’m helping arrange) a Developer Day to be held in London on 1st November provisionally at London South Bank University. Registration will be mandatory and there will be a registration fee but it’s minimal and includes cool swag and a great day which promises to be one of the most beneficial to developers from the enterprise and Cloud dev arenas.

More info to follow, John Mark Walker and I are recording a podcast this afternoon where we’ll talk more about it and I’ll publish a link to a registration page where people can show interest.

As soon as I have more information I will make sure it’s out in the public domain.