OpenShift Enterprise is here !

Yesterday evening UK time we launched OpenShift Enterprise On-Premise PaaS to great applomb. I’ve been sworn to secrecy with the implied threat of being sat on if I’d talked about this or even hinted at it in the run up to launch so sorry this is the first time I can even mention it “in the open”.

OpenShift Enterprise IS A BIG DEAL. Let’s make no bones about it, OpenShift is one of the most talked about hot properties in Cloud and rightly so. Since we first launched on OpenShift on AWS it’s gone viral, demand has been off the scale. Demand then started to creep up regarding when we were going to make this available in an on-premise supported solution for Enterprises and Channel Providers to be able to consume.

Today we reached that milestone, a culmination of a lot of hard work from across Red Hat. The goal of being able to have a supportable carrier class enterprise ready on-premise PaaS platform extends and underwrites Red Hat’s value proposition in Cloud. It’s a major opportunity out the box for organisations that were or are putting off moving apps or extending their reach to public cloud to be able to do more in house with the flexibility and proven power of OpenShift. This immediately means more risk averse companies can build OpenShift into their governance models building within enshrined network boundaries.

So all the cool flexible power you were used to in OpenShift on AWS now extends to the enterprise. That means out of the box fast scaling cloud application platforms. Rocket fast application development pace, secure and scalable. And if you can administer a RHEL box you can deploy and support OpenShift. So immediately you have better productivity and an opportunity to further embrace Cloud at your own pace on your legacy on-premise hardware.

I also totally recommend reading Jimmy Guerrero’s great launch piece here which gives a technical overview of the building blocks of OpenShift Enterprise and talks about the cartridge based functionality of OpenShift.

You can read more on this great blog posting from Ashesh Badani, and also read the press reaction with these links below.


Podcast: Matt Hicks – OpenShift / SELinux

So Matt and I have been trying to record this for an age, technology and ambient noise from the construction crew extending our Westford office got in the way a few weeks back so plan B – DIY remote podcast over Google+ recorded here in the studio in the UK – what we ended up with was a really good tech chat about OpenShift, hosted on-premise PaaS and a deep dive into SELinux and the reasons both of us have for trying to persuade you to leave it on by default.

If you’re into PaaS, use OpenShift, want to know where we are at with regards to releasing OpenShift On-Premise then you NEED to listen to this. It will at least make you even more excited (I hope) about the next two months of stuff coming out of Red Hat.

Matt, if you’ve heard him speak at Summit, or JUDCon (Google or search YouTube if you want to see re-runs of his talks, well worth the time spent doing it) is infectiously enthusiastic about both PaaS and security by default.

Download it, listen to it, comments welcome or questions – we’re here to talk to you.

Download the podcast here in MP3 and OGG formats