OpenShift Origin Arrives

Yesterday was a big day in the Cloud unit at Red Hat. The culmination of a lot of hard work by the developers and leadership team backed up by the community contributors who have been using and working with OpenShift Express and Flex since it’s launch last year. The release of OpenShift Origin was a milestone in Cloud maturity and demonstrated again that the boundaries are ever moving in what we as consumers of elastic based computing resources can achieve – openly.

The release of OpenShift Origin under the Apache licence is a game changer. It’s a sweeping statement by Red Hat that there is an opportunity in the marketplace to really demonstrate thought leadership but to do so transparently and to add credence to the efforts of thousands of people in the community and in enterprise networks worldwide who have seen the power and the benefit of a “Three Clicks to Cloud” (a glib reference to the simplicity of OpenShift) approach to application deployment.

For an OpenSource vendor to actually put it’s crown jewels in the public gaze and to live up to the scrutiny of those in the community and industry is one thing. From a source perspective it’s always bold and to be applauded but to then also go the extra mile to release at the same time a live Fedora remix that can be installed locally by the user on their workstation / laptop / server / virtualised instance (ESXi or Virtualbox are supported etc) is another. It’s more than just running a flag up a pole to say okay here’s a SVN or Git repository it’s actual stuff that delivers today and will aid adoption and also curry favour with many who see having a shiny .iso image in their hand as something tangible that you can get down to business with.

Over the coming weeks we’ll start looking at the power of OpenShift and we’ll also carry some podcasts with the movers and shakers in the team as well as some video content and other goodies.

For now let me leave you with some authoritative articles around the bits of OpenShift which add muscle to the value proposition, an article by my colleague of over a dozen years (am I really that old ?) Tim Kramer on the security demands of PaaS that OpenShift exceeds and also an article by Mark Atwood that appeared yesterday that enthusiastically demonstrates the first steps to take with Origin.

You can find the downloadable source and links to the LiveCD image for Origin here